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~ May 15, 2007

Greentsone Media's "Women Aloud"
I was asked to be a guest on Women Aloud, a nationally syndicated radio show geared for women to talk about the basics of Feng Shui. The show is braodcast throughout the country in markets from Ventura to Boston and many in the middle and can also be listened to live online weekdays from 3pm-6pm EST (12-3 PST). The hosts, Mo Gaffney and Shana Wride, dish about everything from important issues to who got kicked off the latest reality show this week and everything in-between in a fun, smart and sassy kind of way. The booking came about kind of quickly so I just tried to go with the flow and have fun!

(The file was pretty big so it was split into two portions)

Click Here to Listen:
1) BEGIN - Feng Shui 101 (9:00 min)

2) CONTINUE - Feng Shui 101 (13:00 min)

~ July 4, 2007

Greentsone Media's "Women Aloud"
I guess the first interview went well as I was asked to return for some more Feng Shui fun. If you want to know more about the show, see above. You may wish to listen in order. Enjoy!

(The interview was longer so the file was
split into three portions this time around)

1) BEGIN - Feng Shui 102 (9:30 min)

2) CONTINUE - Feng Shui 102 (8:30 min)

3) CONTINUE - Feng Shui 102 (12:30 min)

~ Sept. 11, 2008

LA Talk Radio's "Living Vivaciously" with Nekisha-Michelle.
What does your home say about you? Empower yourself with success, happiness and better relationships the Feng Shui way! Learn a little bit about the 9 energy areas that exist in your home. A delighfully spirited conversation.
Visit www.LATalkRadio.com to read a bit about the show, then come back to listen.

Click Here to Listen: BEGIN (50:00 min)